The Buquet (english version)

(Isa´s point of view)

Today,at my brother´s wedding,I´m going to dress up as my best.Max,my childhood friend,I quite fancy is going to be there.And my brother also invited his stupid new girlfriend Siobhan over!That bouquet has to be mines ao I can win Max´s heart and soul for keeps!

(Siobhan´s point of view)

Today is my lucky day!After two years of dating the wrong blokes I finally found Mr.Right,Mr Maximillian Right .Max has been everything for me these days,the only thing I bloddy hate,is that he allways brings his annoying friend,Isa ,along!I just can´t follow when they start to talk about Focault,Woody Allen and Belle and Sebastian!
The only good part about knowing Isa was knowing her brother,Peter,who also knows Max for years.The good news is that,Peter´s going to get married and he invited me and Max to the wedding party.At the party,with my long life expecience as a goalkeeper in footy,I will grab the bouquet and Max is going to ask me to marry him!I so wanna see Isa´s face after that!

(Max´s point of view)

My main mate Peter just invited me and my hot arsed girlfriend Siobhan to his wedding.I feel this is going to be a bloddy good wedding!Who´s going to be there also,is my best female friend,Isa,Pete´s sister .Everyone I like is going to be there.
It´s been six months I´ve been going off with Siobhan,she has a wonderful body!Large breasts,wasp waist,sexy arse and a lovely long pair of legs she likes to show off in a mini-short.She´s not so bright,yet she´s open to learn new things.
Isa is a completly differet person,I know everything about "Shorty",as I like to call her. She´s completly intelectual,intelligent and loves to go backpacking in Snowdonia.It´s so hard for me to have something with her,´cause she´s like a sister to me,and when she´s not like a sister to me,surprise,she has a boyfriend.
Once we wen´t backpacking in Snowdonia Isa,Siobhan and I.At night me and Isa sat by the fire and had a nice chat.We discussed,Focault and Woody Allen,then we spent the rest of the night singuing Belle and Sebastian songs.But the night was a bit dull because Siobhan spent it locked in the barrack afraid of the flies and anaconda .Me and Isa had to spend hours explaining to her that anaconda only exist at the Amazon forest in Brazil,not in Britain.
All that I wish for in my like is that a mix of both Isa and Siobhan appeared to me in my life.An Isaoban,that would make me the happiest man alive

(Isa´s mother point of view)
Today it was my son´s wedding,it was to be the happiest day of my life.Yet I had the disgrace of having three people I love making me cringe.
When my daughter-in-law threw the bouquet I saw my daughter and my daughter´s best friend girlfriend rushing in like savages.They played tug of war with the bouquet,then they slapped,scratched and kicked eachother.I saw them calling eachother names like "you stupid chav scum","Cunt" and "Jabroni".
And what was worse was seeying that Maximillian Right boy watching all that with a huge smile on his face as if he was watching a bloddy "French and Sounders" episode.
At that moment I knew the two girls wheren´t fighting over the bouquet,they where fighting over Max!
At that moment I did what no one else dared to do.I raised from my chair,got the two girls appart,took the bouquet from their hands and told my daughter-in-law to throw it again,because it ended in the hands of two immature young women unfit for marriage.
On the second throw something magical happened,a lovely little five yearold girl caught the bouquet!It was such a sweet image!
The little girl approached Isa and Siobhan and told them with a sweet voice: -"Stop crying,I have the bouquet!"
And the adults left their issues behind for the mercy of a sweet little girl.



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