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Have you ever travelled
From Atlanta to New York
And saw the sunrise right into your eyes
I saw the running inside the cabin
Like it was welcoming me home
Life is only half life without that memory
Riding the train when i whas just a child

Have you ever slept sixteen hours from
Orlando to New Orleans
And have the sweetest dream you can ever have
When you where just sixteen
I woke with that memory
Of that lovely sunrise
Dream and reality came true to me that day

Little hearts made of clay

I opened the door
Looking towards escape
I went through the door
Although it was too late

Who is the keeper of the keys?
The one who they always say
He will show the way

Things that I can see,do or may
Little hearts made of clay
I went through that door

The love that can never be disguised For Daouldrew

The man I had came
From a country split in half
I left him at the airport
With tears on my eyes

Yes we had a love
We could not disguise

I remember when we went
To the movies for the first time
I taught you about coffee
And we took a picture
Holding hands

Riding in your car
Time passed by so fast
As if we where in another planet
Where love and laughter ruled