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The rat at the edge of the cliff

Fighting to stay alive
No matter how deep I had to dive
In to the darkness trying to find
The strength I had to revive

I saw her dead and lifeless
He went on with his life
Because he´s the poison
That destroys everything pure,beautiful and alive

Who´s the cat and who´s rat?
In this evil chase
He wanted me to be like the cat in the lake
Today, I´m alive and awake


The green wish of Nack

Remember her eyes,ebony black
   Oh darkness,cul de sac
   The the green wish of Nack
   The night,the tunnel,insomniac

   Vibrating though her fingers
   The sound the speed
   Oh,stop this eve!

    The day I had to leave
    I was your sculpture
    The creation of your asian culture
    You are my vulture

    In the air of the sunrise
    The touch and the sword
    The samurai
    Same thing in my eyes