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Orgasm in London

As the plane landed,the second time I was in London,I had so many hopes,after eleven hours locked inside a plane.I felt it in the song that was playing in my headphones,as the clouds suddenly dissapeared and the city slowly grew bigger over the window beside me.I felt I could hug the city.
At Camdem town market I felt at home,the day before Xmas,I felt as if I was returning home once again.I bought a russian hat,some fancy gloves and a beautiful blue cross.We also bought some dried fruits and a bottle of wine for Xmas dinner at the hotel.It was the best Xmas ever.
The next day I left my parents sleeping inside the room,left them a note and went to walk around the city.I spent the day at Hide Park and went back to the hotel when it was evening.
At the British Museum I discovered the cross I bought was actually an &q…