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Beneath the belly

Look what the girl has done
She has mutilated herself
The knife goes under the skin
Making Love
Beneath the belly

Girl,you better stop making lies
Making lies to yourself
And all over the world
There´s a secret you carry
Deep inside
Beneath the belly

Something kicks you
But it´s all in your mind
You are allways pretending
You are something that you´re not
So you call mummy and daddy
Just to scream the pain inside
Beneath the belly



Remember when
You where willing
To pay me a ticket
So that I could fly
Into your arms

Yet you never payed
A ticket to fly
Into yourself
And you don´t know
Who you are
Walking so uptight
All on your own

Now I wanna be happy
Be a wife and have some twins
And lead it on
Without that sad memory
Of the day you said no

And now all we have
Is all the happiness
Reserved for us
In the house we live