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Alistair Kalk

Cada lágrima que cai
É um pedacinho da minha despedida pra você
Pois quando choro meu amor
Resseca em salgados pedaços líquidos
Que nunca mais podem se juntar

Quando no sentimento ha tristeza
É quando acaba a beleza
Minha esperança vai embora
Por aquele que se escasseza


Jun Jun Hotel #2

I remember you well in the Jun Jun Hotel
You we´re talking so brave and so sweet
Shaving my cat on an unmade bed
While the Ubers wait in the street

Those were reasons and that was Toronto
We were running for the anime and the weed
And then I  tried to get away
Didn´t I, Baby?
Because I thought you we´re still asleep
I tried to get away
But you asked me to stay

I remember you well in the Jun Jun Hotel
You were 50 and living with your mom
I told you again I preferred young and handsome men
But for you I would make an exception

And clenching our firsts for the ones like us
Who are oppressed by ageism and the figures of beauty
Then I fixed myself and said well never mind
We are old but we have  the music

I should have gotten away
Didn´t I,baby?
There´s no mutual feelings
Just silence and emoticons .

And that´s all
 I don´t even think about you that often