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Brasileña Cachonda (Horny brazilian girl)

Brasileña Cachonda (Horny brazilian girl)

I got my british boyfriend addicted
To tea and Dr Who
It should have been the contrary
But hey
It happens

I came to europe
Looking for sex and love
It should have been the contrary
But hey
It happens

I think he´s so exotic
This is so strange
Yet it happened
He lives far far away
Up north
In a lonely island
Far away from me
But he loves me

Today it´s a leap year
It´s Februrary 29th
I wanna propose him
Yet i´m expecting a silk dress
It´s so strange
But it happens

I went to Europe expeting to meet
Someone I chatted for 10 years
Yet I met someone I chatted for about 5
I´m so inlove
He is my lover
He´s so exotic
He came to see me
So strange
But it happened to me

I wanna be he´s forever
We are ment to be toghether
We love eachother
I love him so much
We have to be toghether
It has to happen

I bet Elenor Rigby had sex with Father Mckenzie! (based on an old mIRC supposition)

<@beatlemaniac15>sure she did!he was the only one who showed up at her funeral!
*johnlennon joined #beatles
*@beatlefan13 slaps @beatlemaniac15 with a big large trout
<@beatlemaniac15>you are so gonna get it tomorrow at school!
please don´t hurt her!what you are saying is blasphemy!
ilovebeatlefan13 hugs @beatlefan13
johnlennon is enjoying himself with the reading
@paulmccartney offers another beatles song for analisis "norweagean wood"
<@beatlemaniac15>this is a tipical weekend of mines,waking up alone in a tub after having sex the whole night long!
promiscous bitch!

@beatlemaniac15 kicks johnlennon from #beatles ( beatlemaniac15 it´s not a bitch,he just likes having sex a little bit too much)
<@beatlemaniac15>i bet i´m the first person to get "fat of the land" from prodigy!!!
*johnlennon joins #beatles
<@beatlefan13>no!i bought mine´s two months ago on lisbon´s airport!i rock!
<@paulmccartney>i bought mines …

mIRC days!

mIRC days!

I remember when I wanted to be happy
I typed / /j comunismo /j metaleiros /j goticos
I chatted the whole night long to people I would see at school the next day
And when I chatted with people I didn´t know
There was allways the weekends to meet them at the park
Afterwards we went to my cousins house
With a guitar in hand and we sang Beatle songs
In my life I loved you more!

Motel Devaneios advertising song!

How did this dirty ugly motel became so famous?
Lyrics (translation to english)
Man:Do you wanna shine?
Girl (with a sexy voice):I know where we could go.To Motel Devaneios,the motel that shines!Motel Devaneios Is my favourite love nest!
Man (with this dirty orgasm voice): Motel Devaneios!!!!
Girl:The motel that shines!!!
advertiser:Motel Devaneios next to the Shopping Mall!

There are people (based on the song "Ojala" from Silvio Rodriguez)

There are people

There are people who makes us dream
There are people who makes us have expectations
Sometimes they don´t live up to those expectations
Not because they can´t
Because they are evil
Because,yes,they can hurt us
Hurt us in a way we never dreamt they would

And they hurt us in a way
To make other people think we are exagerating
To make society think we have gone crazy
To make us hurt in purpose
Because they are sadists
Society ignores these people
But they exist
And we wish something was done
Because they make seem
Evil as a normal thing

They are at schools,colleges,streets,politics and work
Those bugs
Those anti-social beings
The one who exist
And society ignores

Excuse me,I´m sorry (new poem)

Excuse me,I´m sorry

Excuse me,I´m sorry,but
I think I´m not the man who hurted you
I might know this is the first day of our aquaintansaince
And I know about the white,short,long haired boy
Who used to go to your house
And eat from your food

If I said something I shouldn´t say
I ask for my apologies
But I know about the skinny little brat
Who used to say things behind your back

I remember the days you dressed up as a goth
And hanged out with a huge bottle of wine
On dark empty corners of your city
Wondering if I still existed
I remember when he was still
An active member in your life

So he threw you away
As if you where trash
You felt hurt and abbandom
And you avoid to see him
It´s so hard
´Cause he lives close by
And I´m so far away

You saw this video
And you wandered if I got drafted
You know I don´t agree with these things
I´m still here with my cup of tea
So you clinged to me
So you could survive
And somehow
Forget about him!

So excuse,me
I´m all apologies

Cresci e emagreci (rap para um cara chato pra kct)

Quando eu era afim de tu
Você não me dava linha
Dizia que eu era muito nova
E que estava bem gordinha

O tempo passou
Eu cresci e emagreci
Vá pro fim da linha
Que a fila tá andando
Não me faça mais de boba
Hoje eu não te dou linha

Procure outra panaca
Para fazer de bobinha!
Cresce se encherga

E vê se desparece
Que quando o assunto sumir
Você faz isso muito bem

The living dead

The living dead

There can never be true friendship
Between a man and a woman
If both of the parties are straight

There´s only true friendship
If one of the parties lives far away
Or accepts to be gay

What I found out
It ended up being too late!
Yes,I´ve been through it
Yes,I survived it
And now I´m here
To tell the story

A story so true
About pain ,love and it´s glory
But it ended up so gory

It´s better to put up with a ghost
When someone you love is gone!
I had to put up with a living-dead being
Who lives just two blocks away

When someone we used to love
Hurts us in a way that´s unimaginable
He did it by force
The hate he felt for me
There´s nothing to be mishunderstood by that

Now he´s just the living,wallking,breathing dead!
Got no toombstone or grave
And I´m just a living corpse for him
As he is for me

So I buried,all his gifts,pictures and tapes
Did a symbolical funeral
For my living dead

"The day we almost kissed"an ode to the barely

The day we almost kissed

It was a Friday night
Right after classes
We sat on the benches
And we tryed

We used to walk hand in hand
Inside that place
And we used to study toghether

Girls looked so envious
You where so gourgeous
So was I

Your long hair
Used to go right your waist
Those dark polish eyes
Allways looking around
Just to be sure

But when I looked to your behind
I noticed you had no ass!
How can I be inlove with a man
Who doesn´t have a propper ass!

Those drinking songs
Those irish drinking songs
Man,you don´t know
What they mean to me,now
And the day you taught me
How to sing "Molly Mallone"
Under that lovely plane

I remember the size of your feet
Boy they where big!
Inside your old white trainners

The sweetest boy in the world
How could you become so bitter?
So like Darth Vader
You forgot your noble side
And gave in to the dark side

So like Rodins sculpture we stood still
It was all so barely slightly
A touch of tongue and lips

So we felt a strange smell coming around
I was our friend
With that strong …

Rafael Arruda( qual foi o mal que você me fez?)

Qual foi o mal que você me fez?
Rafael Arruda
Naquele ano de 2001?
Emagreci 20 quilos
Passei em 3 vestibulares
Nota alta no Enem e no supletivo
E ainda por cima um namorado
Como Davi

Alem de não dar bola
E ciscar pra traz
Quando era apaixonada por você
E tinha só você na cabeça
Que mal você me fez?

O tempo passou
Os homens passaram
Outros tomaram teu lugar na minha cabeça
Viajamos por que amavamos
Alguem de longe

Ainda por cima
Tenho a felicidade
De ter um amigo como você
Rafael Arruda
Essa não é a primeira poesia que te faço
Um nome tão lindo
E tão bom de dizer


English Version

What evil did you do to me?
My good friend
In that year of 2001

I lost 40 pounds
I´ve been accepted in wonderful universities
And had a wonderful boyfriens like David

You just weren´t interested
When my mind only had you
And your name was all I said
In 2001
So many men took
That lonely place in my mind
Since 2001

This is not the only poem dedicated to you
And today you are my
My good friend
Rafael Arruda

"I will think twice" new poem of mines

I will think twice

Blokes have no value towards girls
And girls have to value towards them too
Legs are spread
And emotions are spread
And that´s left it´s nothing

In this world full of vulgarity
I promise from now on
I´ll behave differently
Like I was still a virgin
I will think twice

Men have to show value and
Respect towards us
They have to learn how to wait
Slowly in their time
Men have to think before
So cheaply
Giving us plesure

There´s no true love in this world
But i promise my beauty will arise!
I won´t say yes for the first time
I´ll have to wait for a second time
To see if he has the value
For me to give him pleasure

When girls don´t wear panties
I´m wearing mines
If a guy promises me a cheap thrill
He just has to go behind me for it
If girls are vulgar
I promise to be sophisticated

Girls are not just a hole
And men are not just a pole

In this bloddy world
I´ll be in your…

Cold hard analisis of Guns ´n Roses ,November Rain

Axl wrote this song for someone who loved him and he didn´t love her back

Guns 'N Roses :November Rain

When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
The love she feels for him
But darlin' when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same
He may love her back,and he´s not so sure about that.He´s saying what she want´s to hear

Nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
Who knows,someday I can even love you back
And it's hard to hold a candle
The candle means the fire of her love
In the cold November rain
This is his feelings for her

We've been through this such a long long time
Just tryin' to kill the pain
It´s been a long time she´s inlove

But lovers always come and lovers always go
She´s just someone else he slept with
An no one's really sure who's lettin' go today
Walking away
He´s fed up of sleeping with her for fun

If we could take the time
to lay it on the line
I could rest my head
Just knowin' that you were mine
All mine
Axel:Get your hop…

18 years of favourite songs

Favourite songs:
1991:Smells like teen spirit,Nirvana
1992:Jeremy,Pearl Jam
1993:Runaway train,Soul assilum
1995:Girls and boys,Blur
1996:Aqualung,Jethro Tull
1997 : Wonderwall ,Oasis
1998: Bittersweet symphony,The verve
1999: Freak on a leash,Korn
2000:Judith,Perfect Circle
2001:Pull me under,Dream theatre
2002:Bards song,Blind guardian
2003:Det som engang var,Burzum
2004:Take me out,Franz ferdinand
2005:Hey ya,Outkast
2006:Miss modular,Stereolab
2007:Fire with fire,The gossip
2008(so far):D.A.N.C.E.,Justice

New Slangs Novas Girias

Bukakke:(port)No sentido de , Tas gozando com a minha cara?
(eng) Are you j0king with me?

Xenosexual=(port)Orientação ou sexual digirida a extrangeiros e seus descendentes,por falta de boas oportunidades na sua cidade ou pais.
(eng) Sexual choice or orientation towards foreigners and their descendents for lack of opportunities on your city of country.

Scarlett Girl= (port) Mulher foda que se garante e mesmo assim ser linda pacas(inspirado em Scartlett Johanssen)
(eng) A girl who´s dead gourgeous,has strong oppinion and it´s inteligent (inspired by Scarlett Johanssen)

New poem of mines

Why grampa ran away

Grampa ran away
Left everything behind
He left daddy,my uncle and grandma behind
There was no traces of him
Because he wanted freedom

No one knows where he is
Or is he dead?
As a little girl I didn´t know I had a grampa
He was so far away
So I asked
Daddy do I have a grampa?
My father ansewered he ran away

Will he be back?
Is he how I imagine?
Nobody knows

So I grew up
And grampa returned
He made me feel silent and scared
He was my english grampa
Because he kept his emotions to himself
Not like the other grampa and his white beetle car

So I got this phone number
Saying he was about to die
So I clinged to him
As I never clinged before

I spent the last six months beside him
He told me to stop living in a lie
And look for happinness
And he said there was no shame in sillinness
He told me to defend,to fight and stand for to what i beleave

So that last day at the hospital
He told me that the six months i spent with him
Where the happiest of his life
So I held his hand tight
And sang "The Cristal Shi…

Poem dedicated to the girls of my hometown who suffer from male abuse

Girls of my hometown

Girls of my hometown
They feel no pain as he manipulates and hit´s you
You think you deserve
Girls of my hometown
Have to cope with it
Girls of my hometown
Have to survive it
There is no one to run to
Because he is the one who supports you

He raped her
She has to like it
If she goes to the cops
He will say she´s crazy
Because she takes medications
Just to cope with it

And she survives
As rotten as it gets inside
Everyday is a day less in his life
This is the only reason she has to survive

The scent of flowers,after the thick rain

Title: The scent of flowers,after the thick rainMain Characters:Nelson Leesa and Lisa Nelson(ages 16 and 14) Roger Marblehouse,Benjamin BareSecondary Characters: Charles and Mildred,headmistress,headmaster,Places:High School, The story happens in Auckland in New ZelandSoundtrack:White Chalk by PJ Harvey or Bury the Hatchet by Cramberries IDEA : Make two copies of the movie each copy will have a different soundtrack Copy n°1:White Chalk by PJ Harvey Copy n °2: Bury the Hatchet by Cramberries
Credits: So Vain by Carly Simon Plot Lisa Nelson spent her childhood moving around places,and now at age 14 she returns to her home town.During the years abroad,used be moved to a new place every year, the only friend she ever had was a pen-friend from London called Callum.With him she kept her secrets and ideas.She returns home to a place and language she barely recognizes.In this context she befriended with Ben Bare one of the schools outcasts,he is amazed by t…

J´ai amorouse pour un traceur (IL serais miene un jour)

Can I sway my hips from side to side
As you climb my body up and down?

I´m sure i´ll make you climb up the walls
With plesure
Can you overcome my pain deep inside my skin?
I wanna see you go red again
When I smile at you

You may be born in April
But you´re no fool
You may be a lamb
Yet you are made of fire

Please climb my body
I wanna feel you close

Siga o percurso
Venha no meu predio
Suba pelas paredes
E suba na minha janela

Estarei nua como sempre

Faire le parkour dans ma corps
Donne ma ta main
J´ai veux ton yeux
Et frotter ta corp
Dans ma sex

Dig up the past you will only find corpses

You said that survival it´s just a question of mutation
Live like a chameleon and everything would be fine
So I turn of the news
There was a hurricane where you live by
You told me not to worry because you would survive
Inside your closet

Today I´ve dreamt you wrote me a letter
Saying you where sorry and everything was OK again
Are you still the one I´ve met when you where alive
In this endless search it took me to dig
Deep inside beside in sight

Your boyfriend said that your voice was smooth
Your boyfriend said you will make it
Yet theres a stranger in the room
Bobby is my memory of doom


Song that we sing (dedicated o this guy I saw in carnaval)

I saw somebody who
reminded me of you
before you got afraid
i wish that you could've stayed that way

i saw a little girl
i stopped and smiled at her
she screamed and ran away
it happens to me more and more these days
and these songs that you sing
do they mean anything
to the people you're singing them to
people like you

i saw a photograph
a woman in a bath
of hundred dollar bills
if the cold doesn't kill her, money will

i read a magazine
that said by seventeen
your life was at an end
i'm dead and i'm perfectly content
and these songs that i sing
do they mean anything
to the people i'm singing them to
people like you
and these songs that we sing
do they mean anything
to the people we're singing them to
tonight they do

Have you ever... (based on a chat between me and a friend)

Have you ever masterbated
Looking at my pictures
On those lazy days
You are sure no one´s looking

That´s what I´ve been doing
Touching myself
You´re so far way
Thinking about you
And your long fingers
Sometimes I´m sure
I get your smell on me

Have you ever fundled your mast
Holding your fingers tight around it
Looking at some old picture of me
At the yearbook
And noticing my cleavage

Have you ever missed me that much?
When I touch myself I can feel your touch
Did you ever wanted me that much
Fundleling yourself
Looking at our graduation photograph


This song has EVERYTHING to do ,actally with me


"Digging In The Dirt"

Something in me, dark and sticky
All the time it's getting strong
No way of dealing with this feeling
Can't go on like this too long

This time you've gone too far [x3]
I told you [x4]
This time you've gone too far [x3]
I told you [x4]

Don't talk back
Just drive the car
Shut your mouth
I know what you are
Don't say nothing
Keep your hands on the wheel
Don't turn around
This is for real
Digging in the dirt
Stay with me, I need support
I'm digging in the dirt
To find the places I got hurt
Open up the places I got hurt

The more I look, the more I find
As I close on in, I get so blind
I feel it in my head, I feel it in my toes
I feel it in my sex, that's the place it goes

I'm digging in the dirt
Stay with me I need support
I'm digging in the dirt
To find the places I got hurt
To open up the places I got hurt

Digging in the dirt
To find the places we got hurt

New idea for a movie "The Transition"

The movie beguines when both characters,Roger and Marlene, are 15 years old and experience love for the first time.They live together sweet and unforguetable moments.Untill one day Roger,leaves Canada and moves to Milan in Italy.
Marlene is left alone with few  information of him.The only thing she know is that she´ll never forget him and the moments she spent with Rogerio.Rogerio will be her reference in all of her life when it comes to love.,and her earliest love memory.
Years passed by,Marlene had other lovers,but she never got over Roger.One day when she was 25 she won a scholarship to get her master degree in fashion at the lovely city of Milan.
In Milan she bought a "Time out in Milan" magazine,when she was reading the magazine she saw an article about MTF transsexuals  in Milan.For her surprise the article was about Roger,now named "Gilda" and has a pair of boobs bigger than hers.And for her surprise when he was asked if women ever had an influence in his li…