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El gordo bombom

Me acuerdo del colegio
Y el gordo Bombom
Ele era el capo
Se sientia por cima
Tenia el culo grande
Comia frituras
Y todo que tiene harina

Lo que tenia mas feo
Era su narina
Y se vio tan gordo
Que ya capo no se sentia

Hizo ejercicios
No come mas harina
Y en su inferioridad
Pide a las mujeres
Que se le caguen encima


El Tanguito de Igor Yrygoyen

Los ojos verdes que me esperaban
Ahora son muerte
Caso de suicidio
En su belleza del passado
Hoy solo queda un raton

Rata fea!
Una vez era tan bello
Ojos de violin
Y me abrazabas con afecto
Hoy veo que era t0d0 mentira

Que en tus labios gasté besos
Que en mi saliva no existen mas

Tu suenõ
Hoy es mi noche de pessadilla
De un passado de falso tercio pelo
Hoy eres una memoria de mala dicha

Y que ahora nazcan tu arrugas
Y sobre tu tumba bailen un tango
Dos tortugas
Para que te acuerden tu tortura
Que de un pobre ratoncillo
Te volviste
La rata fea


Para Rogí

Quando você vai me perdoar
Esta na hora de me ouvir
Nossos sonhos de amor
No tempo que tempo que não tinha dor
Já é hora de tentar

Você é lindo
Seus olhos verdes a me assustar
Os desenhos e poesias
Que fizemos no passado
Eu só quero te falar

Você é minha primeira lembrança
Meus amantes tem seu olhar
Em todo homen eu procuro
Tem que ter um pouco de ti
Mesmo que more em outro lugar


Angie from the Rolling Stones

Angie, angie, when will those clouds all disappear?
Angie, angie, where will it lead us from here?
With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
You cant say were satisfied
But angie, angie, you cant say we never tried
Angie, youre beautiful, but aint it time we said good-bye?
Angie, I still love you, remember all those nights we cried?
All the dreams we held so close seemed to all go up in smoke
Let me whisper in your ear:
Angie, angie, where will it lead us from here?
Oh, angie, dont you weep, all your kisses still taste sweet
I hate that sadness in your eyes
But angie, angie, aint it time we said good-bye?
With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
You cant say were satisfied
But angie, I still love you, baby
Evrywhere I look I see your eyes
There aint a woman that comes close to you
Come on baby, dry your eyes
But angie, angie, aint it good to be alive?
Angie, angie, they cant say we never tried

Fito Paez song "Mariposa Technicolor" translation "Technicolor Butterfly"

All the mornings I lived
All the streets we played hide and seek
For the first time
I was enchanted by love

My mother worked day and night
And I had "All Star" shoes
We had our sundays at the club
And we didn´t give a dawn if Christ was crucified
The beauty of the cathedral
And the fottie team we supported
Won at our stadium

So things went round and round
Under the sun
And I felt for the first time
I had a reason to live
Because I was your
Technicolor Butterfly

Girls looked at us with jelousy
Inside their happiness
We saw their pain
Because we we´re toghether
They hoped so much to be with you
And where able to break their principles
Just to have you

So one day it all happened
Without any warning
I discovered the sadnness of being in this world
And not having you as a reason to live

You know we´ve met way back
Way back than yesterday
The day I left I tryed to keep in touch

In my soul
I take the singing voice
And the sunshine
I have this wondering destiny
With your scars…

Images of Paris

I woke up this morning with hope in my soul
Called you up so early,I thought I heard you moan
Asked you if you remember ,Paris
But all I heard was no

Images of Paris
Haunting in my soul
I was just 15
So why did I let go?

I ask myself why I fell so good
With men who remind me of you
I heard your voice again
After 10 dreadfull years
You sound like a former lover
I met yesterday at a show
Or someone I feel atracted
Who lives just accross the ocean
And never saw in my life
And,who knows,will never be my own

When I have my first born child
It will bare your name
So those memories of Paris
Won´t form a rotten wound in my soul

Images of Paris
Haunting in my soul
I was just 15
So why did I let go?

Time says it heals all wounds
So why woun´t it just heal them
My do I have to live with this open scar
Of the girl who tore the letter of the boy who l…

Nine Songs For A Love Story(when love is free and touchebly ethereal)

1)Runnaway,Del Shannon
2)Ruby Tuesday,Rolling Stones
3)Happinness Is A Warm Gun,Beatles
4)Good Vibrations,Beach Boys
5)Is It Wicked Not To Care,Belle and Sebastian
6)Pagan Poetry,Bjork
7)Under The Milkyway,The Church
8)All Mine,Portishead
9)This Is Hardcore,Pulp
10)Under Ether,Pj Harvey
11)Hues Of Longing,Mors Syphilitica
12)Stars,Ulrich Schnauss
13)Misterium,This Ascention
14)Stand Away,Angra
15)Creep,Stone Temple Pilots


PS: The songs sound better with that special person near you

Another song from the genious of Cazuza

I Don´t love anybody (Eu não amo ninguem,Cazuza)

Yesterday I went to bed holding myself tight
Clinging myself to four pillows
And crying softly like a little baby
So that neither me or god could hear
Feeling my own pain
Like a baby, as I fall asleep

I dream´t i´ve jumped from the 20th floor
And scaped without a scratch
I´ve wo n $3.500.000
At the lotery
And you told me in this sweet ironic voice
You´d be mines forever

Wen I woke up ,the first thing i´ve saw
Was your photograph
I don´t know why at mornings
Everyday seems like giving labour
Who knows,after someone slaps me in the face
I´ll know the reasons of all this

If you love someone
You expect to be loved back
Yet anymone I love
It´s like loving the moon
Something unreacheble
I just don´t love anybody
This is so strange
I can´t fall inlove
And my life is all surounded
By love
E é só amor que eu respiro
Why am I writting this?Saying private things it´s so un-english,It´s supossed to be,I´m brazilian.And in two weeks carnaval will come.And everytime carnaval it´s near all this comes to my head.I´m just someone who got hurt inside.And survived.These kind of wounds aren´t the kind that just a band aid will heal them.It took years of enduring,silence and medication.
Today,I think I´m kindda celebrating this,because,I think,It all has come to an end,for once and for all.
I´m not Joana anymore,I became a wall of iron,I can take anything,and survive!

Requiem to Muniz Antonio Alves Cruz (written behind his photo on march/2003 when i heard his death)

To Muniz:

Some people live to kill.Others die so other people can give more value to their lives.Life is god´s most precious gift to us.Our bodies are sanctuaries.We all have the right and the duty to take care of it.
I just don´t know how to react to your lost.It´s a strong phisical loss.I fell inlove with you one day,and somehow I keep on being.
I just can´t bare missing you so much:


The day I lost myself

Look deep into her eyes.
Because she was,once,
A lover of mines

Boys of my life or Just for the Boys!First part early 96 to early 98

I remember when I first got interested in guys.I was 12 years old.Untill then I thought I would be a lesbian.I thought Paul MCcartney in his "Sgt Peppers" years looked hot,Hulk Hogan,Leo Di Caprio,Liam Ghallegher,Peter Steele,etc
Them I got tired of all the celebrities and ran off to find a REAL man.I remember this english guy,not,sir,it´s not you,hi´s name was Robert,hehehehehe.I thought he was cool because he was in university and I was at 6th grade!We both had the same love for the Beatles and Oasis.I met him in this internet community called "Firefly",that later became "MSN"!Then he stopped talking to me because he discovered I was 13 and on 6th grade!And I discovered he was 15 and on 8th grade!
Then just messing around my desktop in late 1996 i discovered "Netscape Chat"!Mirc´s soundless colourless older brother.I randomly typed#england and #beatles and BAM! There was where all these people fro…

Saudades de Figueredo e da Gonorreia(based on a local saying)

"Passar ferias em casa
E ter-te longe
Me faz ter saudades de Dizzie
E das ferias no Mexico "

"Having you so far away from me
and spending vacations at home
makes me miss Dizzy
and spending my vacations in Mexico"

Rumba de la ententona(Spanish love song)

Y asi hizo la ententona
La que siempre há de ententar
I por su tierra ya no llora
Pues se lo intenta por amar

Si no lo ves si que no existe
Si lo escuchas es uma cancion
Do imagen,tiene una foto
Vive de puro amor

Tengo solamente algunas cartas
Y nunca senti su olor
Por tu imagen me duele la vista
Y de tu lengua no me imagino ni el sabor

Por esto sigo yo bailando
Para que te pueda encontrar
Y a ententar y a seguir buscando
Para sentir aquel me duele
Que es el hombre que quiero amar

Songs for Andrew,the man I love.Ma´ Cushla (my body my blood)

I Can't Control Myself Lyrics
by Troggs OH NO!

(ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba)

i cant stand still coz youve got me goin
(ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba)
ur slacks are low and your hips are showin
(ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba)

i thank you girl as ur standing there
your low-cut slacks and your long black hair
i want you going, i want noone else
coz when im with you i cant control myself

defence is down and you got me shakin
(ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba)
you got me so that my nerves are breakin
(ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba)

if u knew me like i know u girl
ur knees would bend and ur hair would curl
you make me move, yeh, like noone else
and when im with you i cant control myself

ive got this feeling thats inside of me
it makes me think of how things used to be
it makes me feel alright
when im with you at night
and we love
and we love

(ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba)

you fill me so with this big temptation
(ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba)
this kind of feeling could move a natio…

Link to an old photoblog with cool pictures and poetry

Dialog "Me and Him",the digestion and aftermath of a high school crush

Him: This must be the first time we talk properly.Hehehehehe
Me: Yeah.So, you got in accepted at the University.Ready to be the next Bill Gates?
Him:Who,me? Not a chance!
Me:Come on!Your whole life´s been about computing and now you are getting a higher dregree on the subject.
Him:Afterwards I should get a higher degree on English Literature,so I can write a paper on Tolkien.Or go to music school so I can become a guitar virtuosi.
Me:So,how´s love?
Him:She left me :( But ok,life goes on while things move forward.
Me:I wanna fly to see my loverman this time.He came here the other time.Now it´s time I went there.
Him:I saw your blog.Wonderful poems!Did you write any about me?Sincerly it would me an honour.(He does his tipical ironic face)Hehehehe
Me: Oh,yes!There´s a whole bunch of them in a drawyer,they are from back then.
Him:Back when?
Me:High School,when I fell inlove with you and you didn´t give shit about it (Now I do my ironic face).
Him: You just couldn´t get enough of ol´Raffs over here,…

Song from a dream which it didn´t stop playing in my head today

Charlotte Gainsbourg - AF607105
frequent flyers
tow away
feel homesick
bill of fare
cry easy
disapear into thin air
we wish you all a very happy pleasant flight
this is a journey to the center of the night
and the inflight entertainment's out of sigh
there on af 607105
time difference
you're waking
chase the sun into your eyes
sleeping cities
dust hotel rooms
passengers look to the skies
fly overyour lifetime
and never touching down
my heart
is breakings
omewhere over saskatchewan
we wish you all a very happy pleasant flight
this is a journey to the center of the nigh
tand the inflight entertainment's out of sigh
there on af 607105
your life in
the wrong hands
savannah and frozen wastes
the flight path
the wingspanbelow the earth rotates
i love you
i miss you
i cannot see your face
invent a
new persona
drunk here on the edge of spaceall
the things i carry with meand all the things
i left behindand
all the things that

Translation of a song I like

The name of the song is "Top Top" the interpreters are Mutantes.Top Top it´s a brazilian expression that means "in deep trouble"

Top Top

It´s time for a sabotage
It will be your turn to suffer
Whenever there´s no mutual correspondence
I will get avanged
I won´t be mocked at anymore

It´s time for a sabotage
He´ll get married to me
And we´ll make love on the stairs
And paint your name oln the skies

It will be sabotage!
I want to see you
In deep trouble

I won´t let anyone say
I didn´t do what i promissed doing
And at the end
I´ll look for somebody else
And it will be my turn
To say bye bye
Untill nevermore
I´m through with you


"By the emerald island,someone awaits for me" For a good looking young man with green eyes

By the hills of Ireland
In Gallway and Dunegal
The the tall pagan man
Awaits by the seaside
The mother island
Mother danu awaits for us
And toghether we will
Search for images
Of Sheela na Gig

Tuatha Dé Danann
Mystical and heathen
In new years eve
They go to the sea
To send flowers
To Ceridiwen

Oh dear mother goddess
Can you hear my cry
Howlling for the one
Who lives at the other side
Of coincidences

_X _

For all the girls in Dubai who loved and got hurt by Billal Mehmet

"Beautiful Liar"
Ay, Ay, Ay
Nobody likes being played
Beyonce, Beyonce
Shakira, Shakira (hey)[
Beyonce] He said I'm worth it, his one desire
[Shakira] I know things about 'em that you wouldn't wanna read about
[Beyonce] He kissed me, his one and only, (yes) beautiful Liar
[Shakira] Tell me how you tolerate the things that you just found out about
[Shakira] You never know
[Beyonce] Why are we the ones who suffer
[Shakira] I have to let go
[Beyonce] He won't be the one to cry
[Beyonce] (Ay) Let's not kill the karma(Ay)
Let's not start a fight(Ay)
It's not worth the drama
For a beautiful liar
[Shakira] Can't we laugh about it (Ha Ha Ha)(Oh)
It's not worth our time(Oh) We can live without 'em
Just a beautiful liar
[Shakira] I trusted him, but when I followed you, I saw you together
[Beyonce] I didn't know about you then 'till I saw you with him again
[Shakira] I walked in on your love scene, slow dancing
[Beyonce] You stole everything, how can you say I …

London and McLuhan´s symulacron

Red central line
Regent Park
Deep anal brown
That stupid teardrop on my cheek
Andrew, please,hold my hand
You know what it is
District Circle lines
Colours of my flag

Beyond MCLuhans Symulacron
Where unreality becomes true
Take me to London where it is
All my life
All my memories
That stupid diary I wrote
And forgot it
On yellow purple pinkish
Great Portland Streets

My beautiful diary
I wrote it in english
For 12 years of my life
And like Anne Frank
I gave it a name
She named her´s Kitty
And in the depts of my personal war
Like Morrisson,the rider on the storm
I named mine´s Jimmy

Andrew,let´s just stop there
To see if I can find it again
It never ansewered me
But it has and knows everything

I want to see it again
Just to be sure nobody
Read my secrets
If someone found it
Jimmy was the medium of my messeges

And you say
Don´t worry
It´s still there
In London
And all of it´s Love

When we found the diary
All the pages got
Torned off
It was agressively
All of my secrets


The arab man and his lonly fm (he´s going hollow as a hole)

The arab man and his lonely fm

In Abu Dabi lonely he stands
The arab man and his sad fm
He see´s the world around
But never takes a stand

He think he´s like Guevara
But he´s like George W. Bush
He despices minorities
And plants bombs
On innocent people
So he can attack

The asian guy and his Borges book
Like the author he´s going blind
Yet he does not seizes
The last things he looks
He listens to the same music
And reads the same book

He g…

Rafameia (um punk rock erótico pra um homem pornográfico)


Vamos para Rafaméia
Vamos pra Floripa!
Lá tem um gostosão
Com um lapa de pica!

Ele é da Rafaméia
Seu signo é de Libra
Tem barriga tanquinho
E uma bunda bonita

Ele é da Rafaméia
Só quer saber de sexo
Da boca carnuda
Ele goza no teto

Ele é da Rafaméia
É feito de tesão
Te lambe com os olhos
E goza na tua mão

Ele é da Rafaméia
Um homem objeto
Ele é um robô
Nascido para o sexo

_ x_