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From Edie to Bob Dylan

Can´t you see i´m not a Rolling Stone
But a mountain of fortress
I already know
We´ll never be wheels of fire
Running down the road

Because this wheel will never explode
Can´t you see?
This is not about finding someone like you
Because there is only a few
It´s about finding someone better than you
Because they are many
If your memory serves you well


Underneath the kilt

It was hot and warm
It burned inside my lips
It burned in my sex
It burned inside my body

All the pleasures I once had
In a foreign country
The way he felt and touched me
His body
His accent
Oh his accent
So erotic
So exotic

And they say it´s small
But how can it be?
It´s actually much bigger and thicker
Than what I had seen
Underneath the kilt