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Nunca deberia haberte buscado
En aquella tarde fria de Abril
Para nunca saber tu nombre
Ni tu existencia

Si tristeza tuviera una cara
Seria la tuya
Si tiempo perdido tuviera ojos
Serian los tuyos
Si boludez tuviera direccion
Seria la tuya

Si a cada pazo adelante
Ya estoy en otro lugar
Un lugar bien lejosj
De ti
Boludo de mierda!

Little readhead girl

I remember the little readhead girl
Who was inlove with Charlie Brown
Red was her passion
Red was Charlie Brown
In her fantasies

But Charlie Brown was such a looser
Allways a begger never a chooser
Locked inside his world of
Dungeons and Dragons
And Iron Maiden

Come with me Charlie
Let me show you the world
Let me teach you about love
And all the fire in my desire
In my red world of passion

So time passed by
They both grew up
It was the day
That finnaly,Charlie, kicked that ball
And he remembered the
Little readhead girl
Who sat next to him
In the classroom
That day she was his fantasy
In a centerfold of a magazine