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Translation from a lovely song from a brazilian rock star to a former scottish lover he met in New York

Brazilian rock star Renato Russo,wrote this song to a former schottish lover he met in a gay bar in New York.They spent alot of time toghether in a New York bedroom making love and shooting heroin.A homossesual version of Sid and Nancy.His most beatiful love songs were about him.
One day Renato Russo,woke up and his lover wasn´t there anymore.He wrote this song after their break up.The result of this relationship,was AIDS.He died in October 1996,leaving a whole lot of teens orphans,including me.
Other resorces say he wrote this song to his grandfather after he died.Both ways is a very lovely song,allways brings me memories and some tears :D
The brazilian tittle is : "Vento no Litoral" ,be free to google it! In my translation I´ll make it "Seaside winds"

I wanna rest this afternoon
Go to the seaside and see if the wind still blows strong
And climb up the stones
I do it a…