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People I know for a really really really long time from 2003 behind

The first on the list are the usual suspects:
1)MY COUSINS!!!:My sisters and brothers,we´ve been toghether since we´re babies!I know I can allways count with them.I wasn´t born with any brothers or sisters but I have 12 cousins!In countriside northeast brazilian culture your cousins are like your brothers and sisters!That´s just fantastic!
Now people who aren´t family,but I consider as so!
2)ADRIANO!!!:Since 1996 chering secrets giggles and happinnes!We we´re both outcasts in school.We we´re the two "wierdos" who liked Pink Floyd,Oasis and the Beatles.Altho,now,geographically apart,yet NEVER spiritually apart!We both like the same things in all senses,if I was a bloke I´d be Adriano!That wouldn´t be a problem because we like the same kind of blokes :D
3)Someone who has an FM in the Arabian Emirates:The first person I have ever chatted on the net in the beguinnings of 1996.I have a picture of him of when he was 15!I considered it a jewel.We used to make part of dalnet´s #beatle c…

Memories of my own personal vampire(based on Bram Stocker)

The boy that rever umbottoned her shirt
Did suspect of the kinky man who entered her house
After he left

The man that gave her everything she wanted
The boy didn´t give it, he was too shy

There where no images of the man on the mirror
His long curly hair,his deep green eyes and fair skin
He gave his blood to her
It tasted like freedom
Everytime between 9pm and 4am
They gave eachother freedom
Before the sun rised
They where the chosen lovers
They where the chosen ones
At least at wendnesdays
Please,vampire,do it again

_ X _

I love this music,reminds me of a relationship I had at 16

Stone Temple Pilots
Sour Girl

She turned away, what was she looking at?
She was a sour girl the day that she met me
Hey, what are you looking at?
She was a happy girl the day that she left me

What would you do?
What would you do if I follow you?
What would you do? I follow

Dont turn away, what are you looking at?
He was so happy on the day that he met her
Say, what are you looking at?
I was a superman, the looks are deceiving

The rollercoaster rides a lonely one
I pay the ransom note to stop it from steaming
Hey, what are you looking at?
She was a teenage girl when she met me

What would you do?
What would you do if I follow you?
What would you do? I follow

What would you do? ....

The girl got reasons
They all got reasons

What would you do? ....

Hey, what are you looking at?
She was a happy girl the day that she left me
The day that she left me / the day that she left me
She was a happy girl the day that she left me
The day that she left me / the day that she left me
She was a happy girl the day that she left me

Music that makes me up and going...

Stone Temple Pilots

Forward yesterday
Makes me wanna stay
What they said was real
Makes me wanna steal
Livin under house
Guess Im livin, Im a mouse
Alls I gots is time
Got no meaning, just a rhyme

Take time with a wounded hand
cause it likes to heal
Take time with a wounded hand
cause I like to steal
Take time with a wounded hand
cause it likes to heal, I like to steal

Im half the man I used to me
This I feel as the dawn
It fades to gray
Well, Im half the man I used to be
This I feel as the dawn
It fades to gray
Well, Im half the man I used to me
This I feel as the dawn
It fades to gray
Well, Im half the man I used to be, half the man I used to be

Feelin uninspired
Think Ill start a fire
Everybody run
Bobbys got a gun
Think youre kinda neat
Then she tells me Im a creep
Friends dont mean a thing
Guess Ill leave it up to me

Take time with a wounded hand
cause it likes to heal
Take time with a wounded hand
Guess I like to steal
Take time with a wounded hand
cause it likes to heal, I like to steal

Im half the man I used t…

The return of Vin Diesel

Just a prayer and a dream and my sweetheart came back.As gourgeous and single as that beautiful night we met at that metal concert.Wyndson is back bringing happinnes to my heart again.And made me smile like the old day.We just can´t get off eachother when we see eachother it´s just pure fate dream and synergy.He wrote a poem to me.Everytime I feel down I read it and feel rejoiced again.He was the first librian from a myriad of miranda librians I would meet later.He´s my Vin Diesel, all covered in chocolate!

_____ x ____

Aging Haldol Addict (sing it to Paranoid Android from Radiohead)

Please could you not write this song
It is all about me
And all this global warming shit
Ofcourse it is all about me
All that
When I am king
I won´t be on Haloperidol
And tell your president
His country is a small shitty one
All that
Well aging makes me look pretty ugly
My belly resembles a quite a little piggy
Why don´t you say it
Why don´t you say my name
Off with your head man
Why don´t you say my name
I guess you do!
Say "hi"
Why don´t you say "hi" to me
Come on say "hi"
That´s it´s sir I´m leaving
The internet forever
The facebook
The flickr
The blogsphere networking
The bowl with oatmeal
I wanna make children yeah!

_ X_

For my grandfather who just got diagnose…

Under the plane,a poem for D.D.

Under that colourful plane
Where we smiled and held hands
By the grass
Smiling you showed me the moon
And the magical things a goddess could do
You held my hand and sang that song
Looking deep in to my eyes
Andre,it doesn´t matter
How much we part
It hurted to split two siamese twins in half
You where the knot in my knitting
That hurt most
It was so painful
It made me so scared
I was alone
For the first time
With0ut the one who completed me
I learn to live as whole
Without the one that used to be my half
Now the scar is getting smaller
The wound is dissapearing
But that´s still that little rash
To remind me of our separation
Death and dessperation

We where united by the heart
We where united by the b0ne
Other twins wouldn´t survive
But I survived!

Now we learned how to life appart
But that day
Under the colourful plane
Before the surgeon and his scafold
Splitted us in half
Without any anesthesic
Just that day,D.D.
It wa…

So vain...

" You had one eye on the mirror
As you watched yourself gavotte
And all the girls dreamed that
They´d be your partner"

Idea for a short film in my mind "Barcelona"

After a decade chatting on the internet Lisa Nelson and Griffin Rubble finnaly meet in Barcelona in Gaudi´s "La Pedrera".Altho they never mentioned sex in their conversation Lisa and Griffin instantly feel attracted to eachother.They both chare the love for music and Gaudi´s architecture.Ramblas,Flamenco and Sangria are included in this erotic psychological thriller.It plays with the idea when do people we talk on the internet become real t.When a still picture,letters on a monitor and a voice become a real person with all, breath,touch and smell.It also shows if things don´t end up like the way you plan,it can be even better.
At the siesta time they test the limits of their sexuality on Gaudi´s Sagrada Familia.They dicover that sexual experiences are exactlty like that cathedral,a never ending work,that can take more than a lifetime.Something new is allways discovered,everytime it´s practiced.

"Those pair of boots"

I remember the young woman,and her complete cowboy suit.She had it all hat,belt and boots.I was 14,she was 16.She climbed the walls,so she wouldn´t have to pay to see "STOMP".My friend was there we talked the whole night,yet my eyes where in those cowboy boots,and the babe who wore them.And below my black dress something completly new started.It felt so good and it felt so different.Every step, it felt so right,I just knew it.Above the belt there was a "Chemical Brothers shirt",and below the belt was something I´ve never seen before.It started to grow,big and hard.She kissed my cheek,gently,it gave me the chills.So I carressed her hair back,with the tip of my nails,and she got goosebumps.It made me smile.
When I got home,naked,I climbed into my bed,something was warm,wet and sticky,right in between.
It was the first time EVER I felt lust.

______ x _______

The thin man and his drumsticks,new poem of mines

When i feel you near me
My heart burns like wildfire
When I i dyed my hair red
I wanted you to see my fire
You turn me on
And give me heat
It all seems so distante
When we meet
But when you´re not look
I touch myself thinking about you
It makes my body burn like wildfire
One more night
One m0re dose of whiskey
And all you touch is your drum sticks
And all I can touch is your shadow
You know that makes me cum
Your dark hair so long across your chest
I close my eyes and cover my sex with my hands
But those long hands of your
Have just the beat to kick me in
As I leave the pub
in the middle of cold the rain
It all evapourates when it touches my body
Because it makes me hot
_______ X _________

Poem based on a movie script idea I have about two teens in a softcore s&m relatioship

Title :The scent of flowers,after the thick rain

The little girl scribbeling in her little book
He observes from the back of the class
With an evil eye,behind thick frames
Her little feet and her little shoes
That small white fragile body
He´s so big and strong
But from that moment on he feels so small
And she starts to grow in his mind
So big he wants to be inside her
The shield on top of her blouse
On her chest
He sees right bellow the buttons
Into her cleavage,he want to get between them
The test is over and he walks across the room
With the paper between his teeth
Like she asked him to
She´s not being bullied by his strong arms
And he doesn´t feel taunted by her constant companionship
They are loving every second of it
__ x__

New Poem "Karma"

If your eyes are green
If you´re a librian
If you ever played Dungeons and Dragons
If you have long hair
If you like animé
If your name is Andre,or something similar
If you are a trekkie or a whovian

Don´t go feeling all special
Just because I stare at you
It´s not you that I want
You just remind me
Of all the men I ever had
__ X__

"Once upon a time" new poem of mines

Once Upon a time
I remember that Blayze Bayley concert
Wyndson said we would go toghether
Yet we didn´t
Because we we´re someowhere else
Having chocolates and wine
All alone

I remember when Jay put her leg up
So I could trip and fall
What she didn´t expected
Was a med school party
Right across the street
To rescue me

During the concert D.D. slit his wrists
Because he couldn´t have me for himself
And the bed and condoms
He had fixed for us
Had to be put on hold

Sing based on true events.Carly wrote it for Warren Beatty

Carly Simon : So Vain
You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht
Your hat strategically dipped below one eye
Your scarf it was apricot
You had one eye on the mirror as you watched yourself gavotte
And all the girls dreamed that they´d be your partner
They´d be your partner, and...
Youre so vain, you probably think this song is about you
Youre so vain, Ill bet you think this song is about you
Dont you? dont you?
You had me several years ago when I was still quite naive
Well you said that we made such a pretty pair
And that you would never leave
But you gave away the things you loved and one of them was me
I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee, and...
I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee, and...
Well I hear you went up to Saratoga and your horse naturally won
Then you flew your lear jet up to Nova Scotia
To see the total eclipse of the sun
Well you´re where you should be all the time
And when you´re not you´re with
Some underworld…

Lovely french song

Singer: Carla Bruni
Song : Raphaël

Quatre consonnes et trois voyelles
C'est le prénom de Raphaël
Je le murmure à mon oreille
Et chaque lettre m'émerveille
C'est le tréma qui m'ensorcelle
Dans le prénom de Raphaël
Comme il se mêle au a au e,
Comme il les entre-mêle au l
Raphaël à l'air d'un ange
Mais c'est un diable de l'amour
Du bout des hanches
Et de son regard de velours
Quand il se penche
Quand il se penche mes nuits sont blanches
Et pour toujours

J'aime les notes au goût de miel
Dans le prénom de Raphaël
Je les murmure à mon réveil
Entre les plumes du sommeil
Et pour que la journée soit belle
Je me parfume Raphaël
Peau de chagrin pâtre éternel
Archange étrange d'un autre ciel
Pas de délice pas d'étincelle
Pas de malice sans Raphaël
Les jours sans lui deviennent ennui
Et mes nuits s'ennuient de plus belle
Pas d'inquiétude pas de prélude
Pas de promesse à l'éternel
Juste le monde dans notre lit
Juste nos vies en arc en ciel
Raphaël a l'aire d'un sag…

Translation from a lovely song from a brazilian rock star to a former scottish lover he met in New York

Brazilian rock star Renato Russo,wrote this song to a former schottish lover he met in a gay bar in New York.They spent alot of time toghether in a New York bedroom making love and shooting heroin.A homossesual version of Sid and Nancy.His most beatiful love songs were about him.
One day Renato Russo,woke up and his lover wasn´t there anymore.He wrote this song after their break up.The result of this relationship,was AIDS.He died in October 1996,leaving a whole lot of teens orphans,including me.
Other resorces say he wrote this song to his grandfather after he died.Both ways is a very lovely song,allways brings me memories and some tears :D
The brazilian tittle is : "Vento no Litoral" ,be free to google it! In my translation I´ll make it "Seaside winds"

I wanna rest this afternoon
Go to the seaside and see if the wind still blows strong
And climb up the stones
I do it a…

Carta de um Pai do ano 2030

27 de fevereiro de 2037

Minha filha :

Semana passada ví você acompanhar com dor a morte de Beth Ditto de hipertensão.Devendra Banhart tocou "Candle in the Wind" ,da mesma forma que Elton John fez no funeral da princesa Diana,quando eu tinha a sua idade.Me lembrei do sentimentos que meus pais disseram que tiveram no dia da morte de John Lennon.Ele tinha deixado a vida para virar um mito e seus ideais não foram embora com ele.Ela fez tanto por todas as mulheres.Na minha juventude rolava a ditadura da magreza.Nem um peso normal a mulher poderia ter,pois era considerada gorda,e era rejeitada.Da mesma forma que eu mesmo fui rejeitado,pela minha homossexualidade.Ela mudou tudo isso e touxe uma nova era,as mulheres começaram a se gostar e se aceitar.

Vejo você,minha querida,tão jovem,com seus 14 anos,se achando muito magra e fazendo de tudo para engordar e ganhar um corpão com muitas curvas,como você diz.Vou dizer a mesma coisa que sua avó diz…

Manifesto Colorista

Um verdadeiro colorista nunca se entrega.Somos apaixonados pelo designe gráfico europeu,música indie e cinema alternativo.Não temos medo de usar cores seja nas nossas formas de vestir, como nossas criações e modos de falar.Criamos mais para nos mesmos e não para os outros,seja o que for e como for.Quem gostou,gostou!Queremos aplicar este estilo para todas as artes e midias.
Você se identificou com o que leu? Não se identificou? De qualquer forma escreva um comentario

A true colorist never gives in.We are inlove with european graphic designe,indie music and underground cinema.We are not afraid of using colours!It´s on the way we dress,our creations and way of speaking.We create to satisfy ourselves and not the others.We want to apply this style to all the arts and medias.
Did you identify yourself over here?Didn´t identify? Both ways write a comment.

Stranger in Parisdise

I`m alone and free
In a country i can`t even speak the language
Thinks I want to say
End up in another way

I get mixed up with the wine
Now I`m on my own
But I`m free
I`m tired of just waiting for it
I just want a bottle of
Beaujoulais in my hand

I want to drink whine
And don`t care a fuck about it
Here in Parisdise
Je vive hereusement