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What do I have to do with the fact that Ronaldo's ex-wife was caught having sex?

This morning I was surprised that the headline of the news was that "Daniela Cicarelli was caught having sex"Why can't the poor girl get a shag? Cicarelli,Ronaldo's ex wife, is known over here,for her MTV dating show,"Beija Sapo","Snog the Frog",in portuguese.Sometimes she picks people from the audience,the ones who are desperate to get a decent snog,to scream for her help,the famous "Help me,Cicarelli".After they shout,if the scream is loud enough,they get to snog anyone from the missing constestants,who didn't snog during the show.This time,let's make Cicarelli a favor and,HELP HER FOR GODS SAKE!!!The poor girl is being harrased all around!

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New poem of mines

Purple Dawn

I want to find someone I can spend at least 3 years with
When I find him I will not feel incomplete
Because I would allready feel complete
I want someone I can wake up the next day on a purple dawn
And I will know
This is happiness
I want to find someone I can spend at least 3 years with
He will show me Oslo,Guadalajara,Dublin,Liverpool and
Portland Oregon,just because we like "The Simpsons"
I want someone I won´t feel as if we where only one soul
Because we would know we where two separete individuals
And we will not expect anything about us
Because we will let things just happen
I want someone I could have a child with
And I won´t tell it to be just like his father
Because it would have a different story and destiny
I want someone I could look deep into his green eyes

Minhas ferias com os candanguinhos

Amanhã estarei indo passar o 7 de setembro em Brasilia,com os candanguinhos :D Aqui irie falar um pouco das minhas espectativas e perspectivas para a ida à capital do meu pais, a qual sera a primeira viagem que eu farei totalmente independente.Pela primeira vez eu viajarei com meus própios santos,minha própia birita e minha mão para segurar durante a decolagem.
Entre uma balada e outra vou ver se arranjo tempo para atualizar o blog.Por enquanto peço para rezarem por min para que faça uma boa viagem.
Estarei saindo amanhã,daquí de Recife,pela TAM, às 16:55 e chegarei em Brasilia às 19:26.Essa será a primeira de várias viagens que irei relatar.

Beijos para todos :

Twee Pixie

This post is for my grandfather who is dying

Band Hammerfal
Music:Glory To The Brave

Snow is falling down on this glorious land
Colours fading, turning into white again
To fallen heroes angels sing, they cry their winter tears
Endless mourning days will turn to years

So this is goodbye, I take leave of you and
Spread your wings and you will fly away now, fly away

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave

Every solemn moment I will treasure inside
Even though it's hard to understand
That a silent wind can blow the candle out
Taking everything leaving the pain far behind

You call out my name, but your voice is fading
Into the wind, embraced, you'll fly away now, fly away

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave

My eyes are closed I feel you're faraway ( so close )
Far beyond that shining star
I know you'll find what you'…


I remember not so long ago,when i used to fly with my parents.I remember my mother being scared,and I tried to confort her ou of her fear.I remember my father,seriously,reading a news paper.It didn´t matter if he didn´t understand the language or not,he used to "read" it.I think it was to get his mind out of what was happening beside him.He always kept quiet during these moments.

Then I remembered when we,me and my mother, used to fly to see my father.And how we looked forward to it.It didn´t matter how long the flight was.He allways gave us the best hollidays of our lives.I remember that my mother used to sleep during the whole flight,and I,stayed awake drinking.I got so drunk I didn´t feel time pass by.I chatted with the crew members,it was quite fun.One hour before landing I´ve started the countdown.God!How I love landings!The city gets closer,and closer,and closer.If becomes from a small ant farm to a small lego land then to a whole city.It´s so exiting!Espec…

New Song I did


As I land on this plane
Are you looking at the sky?
As I look out the window
And see London approach me

Now I am landing on Heathrow
And I await to see you
As I walk around Oxford Street

I can see the bildings approach me
And the red dubble-decker busses
When I arrive I´ll take the tube to destiny
To Marble Arch station
Near Oxford Street
Were I will see you
At some sleezy pub

Now I am landing on Heathrow
And I await to see you
As I walk around Oxford Street

The story of Justine

Justine is just finnishing her philosophy degree.We didn´t talk since we´ve finnished High School.That little compulsive liar.H0w she sweared to her boyfriends she´d been faithful,but in fact she wasn´t.How she thought anal sex was nasty.The day we read Lolita,Marquis de Sade and The Delta of Venus.All those erotic literature classics.We wished those stories happened to us,alltho we were virgins.We thought fiction could be reality somehow.Will it become true someday?We used to ask ourselves.
We got toghether at a bar to sip vodka and suck on lemons like we did when we were 16.At the peak of our drunkness we started telling the awful trueth.I told her about the failure of my university course and started teaching pre-school,that´s cool,but that´s not as cool as "Lady Chatterlay´s Lover".She told me she was going to get married to a rich sheik in Dubai.And she was scared because she had to proove to the guy´s family she was still a virg…

Maus (mouse in german)

In his pale skin
Behind his round glasses
There where a pair
Of pale blue eyes

His long ears
His nose
His teeth
And his skinny body
Resembled a mouse

Now his long pale fingers
Draw political humor
The same fingers
That ran through body
When we where fifteen

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A theme for a play or a film script

Main characters: Yeshua and Sofia
Sofia:Sociologist,Theologist and Antropologist.Went back in time to the 1st century to learn about early christianism in a NASA top secret project.Ends up meeting Jesus,Yeshua,and decided to bring him,undercover,to the present and shows him what all he done in his life has become.

Yeshua:Young leader of a group of rebelius fishermen against the roman empire.Son of a Carpenter and a housewife.Very friendly,humble and has mediumship.Likes helping people by feeding and healing them.He dedicates his whole time to his cause,that´s why there´s hardly no time for him to think about romance.His best friend is Mary Magdalene,his most devoted deciple.Doesn´t trust Peter because he feels that he wants to take his place in the groups leadership.Has no Idea who he is to become in the future.

Words that used to have different meanings in Yeshua´s days
1)Rome: They used to be the enemies of Israel.
Ex:Yeshua gets depressed when he first hears about the…

A strange dream I had just now

"Looking for Gakbu,despretly" (another title just couldn´t be possible)
Warning: All the words said in this text are only going to be about my dream.So it´s not real.

The characters:Me,cousin Jacob,gay librarian,fellow brazilian friend and Gakbu
Place:Somewhere cold by the seashore over the UK or Canada

I had just decided to take my university interchange program.It would be six months at a fellow university abroad.Arriving there I had discovered that this english guy I had been chatting over the internet for ages,Gakbu, was in the same student dorm building as I.And I had an urge to meet him.I tried everything but he just kept avoiding me.I blamed the fact that he behaved that way because he was english.So I met this fellow brazilian guy who said the studied with him and would be glad to help me.We got really close and went to lots of places toghether.Later I discovered that he said he knew Gakbu just to get closer to me,because he was in…

Zilita,a song for my greatgrandmother,who was a native indian.She was kidnaped from her tribe by portuguese immigrants.


I see you in a sea of dreams running into the forest
Looking for the sweet and gentle waves of the river
The place that you were bathed
When you were born

Life among dimonds doesn´t glitter
As it did before
You wished you were in the forest
Naked and free
So pure and barbaric
Among the trees

Where are the dimonds ?
Where is the gold ?
Where are the gods from the waterfalls?
You used to dream of your land
Beautiful legends
And green rivers

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One of my lyrics

The pin up

Oh you treat me in such misterious ways
I wait outside the classroom for a smile on your face
I have been waiting so long
I've put all my soul in this song
And all the words I say
And all the times I pray is

You swiched me for a suicide girl
I gave you all the love in this world
And you swiched me for a suicide girl

How long will I be waiting for this?
When will I fell this bliss?
How long will I be waiting for your kiss?


You swiched me for a suicide girl
I gave you all the love in this world
I've been walking outside in the snow
And you swiched me for a suicide girl

Another one of my poetries


My house is like an empty block
No one can transpass it
We go down the road and
There's nothing
Only our bodies
Walking down to nowhere

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I´ve been feeling just like this recently...

LyricsSong: Jesus Christ Superstar

I don't know how to love him.
What to do, how to move him.
I've been changed, yes really changed.
In these past few days, when I've seen myself, I seem like someone else.
I don't know how to take this.
I don't see why he moves me.
He's a man.
He's just a man.
And I've had so many men before, In very many ways, He's just one more.
Should I bring him down?
Should I scream and shout?
Should I speak of love, Let my feelings out?
I never thought I'd come to this.
What's it all about?
Don't you think it's rather funny, I should be in this position.
I'm the one who's always been So calm, so cool, no lover's fool, Running every show.
He scares me so.
I never thought I'd come to this.
What's it all about?
Yet, if he said he loved me, I'd be lost.
I'd be frightened.
I couldn't cope, just couldn't cope.
I'd turn my head.
I'd back away.
I wouldn't want to kno…

"The dreamhouse,a cronicle about friendships between boys and girls"

Have you ever had a best friend,of the opposite sex?How many times have you spent with him/her.The privileges they had over your girl/boyfriends.The ones you left a dirty stain of mascara on their shirt.The dreams you shared toghether,the desires,the moments.It doesn´t matter if she/he is straight or homosexual.If he/she lives near you,or far away.If he/she is your childhood friend or just someone interesting you met in a music store.If you can see him/her everyday ,or just chatting on the internet.

Have you ever dreamed it was just a little bit more than friendship?That night you sleeped in eachothers houses.All you wanted was to change rooms and sleep toghether.That kiss,you wished it was somewere else.That day you peeped through the bathroom door just to see him/her naked.

Have you ever bild a dreamhouse toghether?Like the characters on the movie "Thirteen going on Thirty".Is it still there?How many "dreamhouses" do you have?Did any one of …

Sem Amor (if anyone is interested in the english translation to this,just ask!)

O céu parece não ter limites quando se sonha.Na adolescência parecemos eternos e temos a impressão de conseguir superar tudo.Tenho 12 anos e consigo ver os limites do céu,agora que eu faço parte dele.

Em vida quem poderia imaginar um destino destes para min? Área nobre,colégio de elite,patricinha,e muitos outros estereótipos e adjetivos.Logo,eu, a loirinha doce e espevitada vestida de cor-de-rosa que até pouco tempo atrás pulava de biquíni com minhas amigas na praia da moda.Mas me apaixonei,fazer o que?E agente não escolhe por quem se apaixona.

Ano passado tava começando minha vida em uma nova escola.Esperava este dia com ansiedade,pois eu iria cursar a sétima serie,em um colégio para garotas .Foi aí que eu conheci ela,linda,minha melhor amiga,Brenda.Aqueles olhos, a pele,o cabelo.Logo vi que o que sentia por ela não era só amizade,era algo mais,e tinha reciprocidade.Só que entre nos existia uma barreira a ser vencida,a namorada dela,Brandy.As duas eram um pouco mais velha que eu,tinh…

For Rachel

Remember when we used to sleep in eachothers houses
How it felt free
Life used to be this eternal dream

Remember the day the bus broke down
On the middle of the way
And we had to walk with our high heels
Untill we got there

Remember how we danced to Shakira
And listened to Camara Obscura
How we made confesions
And dreamed to live in London

Now you are going to London
To meet the one you love
And I´ll still be here
Dreaming to be in London
Even more than before

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