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Friends from the internet

And we dream so hard
For a change
As we smile and watch people pass by
We all noticed
This is only one big world

Miles and Miles apart
With only one dream
Of freedom
To unite

We saw so much more
Than what the webcam
Could show


After listening to Daniel Johnston

I met the most beautiful girl in the world
In a place full of snobbish people
And tuxedos
She didn´t enjoy the presence of my boyfriend
So full of jelousy
It was funny how easily she used to cry
Over the most smallest things
She just brushed her fringe and cryed
But she made me feel in a way
I could never walk away

When Robby smiled
You can see the world go round
In a carnival
In a ferris wheel
She had long brownish hair
That used to go red
Under the rain

So time passed by
She became fat and old
And has a bier now and then
But somethings never changes
She still wears sunglasses
To hide the tears on her face