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A theme for a play or a film script

Main characters: Yeshua and Sofia
Sofia:Sociologist,Theologist and Antropologist.Went back in time to the 1st century to learn about early christianism in a NASA top secret project.Ends up meeting Jesus,Yeshua,and decided to bring him,undercover,to the present and shows him what all he done in his life has become.

Yeshua:Young leader of a group of rebelius fishermen against the roman empire.Son of a Carpenter and a housewife.Very friendly,humble and has mediumship.Likes helping people by feeding and healing them.He dedicates his whole time to his cause,that´s why there´s hardly no time for him to think about romance.His best friend is Mary Magdalene,his most devoted deciple.Doesn´t trust Peter because he feels that he wants to take his place in the groups leadership.Has no Idea who he is to become in the future.

Words that used to have different meanings in Yeshua´s days
1)Rome: They used to be the enemies of Israel.
Ex:Yeshua gets depressed when he first hears about the…

A strange dream I had just now

"Looking for Gakbu,despretly" (another title just couldn´t be possible)
Warning: All the words said in this text are only going to be about my dream.So it´s not real.

The characters:Me,cousin Jacob,gay librarian,fellow brazilian friend and Gakbu
Place:Somewhere cold by the seashore over the UK or Canada

I had just decided to take my university interchange program.It would be six months at a fellow university abroad.Arriving there I had discovered that this english guy I had been chatting over the internet for ages,Gakbu, was in the same student dorm building as I.And I had an urge to meet him.I tried everything but he just kept avoiding me.I blamed the fact that he behaved that way because he was english.So I met this fellow brazilian guy who said the studied with him and would be glad to help me.We got really close and went to lots of places toghether.Later I discovered that he said he knew Gakbu just to get closer to me,because he was in…

Zilita,a song for my greatgrandmother,who was a native indian.She was kidnaped from her tribe by portuguese immigrants.


I see you in a sea of dreams running into the forest
Looking for the sweet and gentle waves of the river
The place that you were bathed
When you were born

Life among dimonds doesn´t glitter
As it did before
You wished you were in the forest
Naked and free
So pure and barbaric
Among the trees

Where are the dimonds ?
Where is the gold ?
Where are the gods from the waterfalls?
You used to dream of your land
Beautiful legends
And green rivers

____________ X _________________